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PowerFlex Gym's Facilities

PowerFlex Gym is located at 2001 Marcel Laurin, in the Galeries St-Laurent, right across from Bombardier's main plant and just minutes away form Montreal's main highways and a bus ride from the Cote Vertu metro station. It's central location and abundant FREE parking make it an ideal location for anyone on or off the island looking for a superior gym.

It's 18,000 square feet newly renovated facility is kept impeccable. The air conditioning and air exchanger offers our clients superior air quality while maintaining ideal temperatures all year round.


More Equipment. Less Waiting.

PowerFlex has a high equipment to square footage ratio. Whether you're training for endurance or powerlifting, we have plenty of cardio machines and literally tons of weight to go around.

Safety First

PowerFlex takes its members' safety very seriously. To minimize injuries, every piece of equipment is inspected and the end of everyday.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

PowerFlex is committed to offering its members a clean and positive environment to workout in. The facilities, including equipment is cleaned by a professional cleaning service at the end of each day and is properly maintained during our hours of operation by our staff.

PowerFlex Equipment

PowerFlex is equipped with state-of-the-art treadmills, stair climbers, rowing machines, eliptical machines, and stationary bikes.

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Aerobics Room

Bring Your Own Towel

Bring your own towel, because you're sure to break a sweat in our aerobics room. PowerFlex Gym's aerobics room is about 500 sq ft and is fully equipped with a premium sound system, pilates mats, BOSU balls, cardio balls, and cardio steps.


Newly Renovated

PowerFlex's locker room and shower facilities have been recently renovated as well. Overnight locker rental service is also available.

Proshop & Health Bar

Take A Break & Fuel Up

Need a litle extra oomph in your workout? Take a break from your workout and fuel up at our Health bar. We offer a wide variety of juices, drinks, shakes and power bars to help restore those electrolytes.

Bring your gym wardrobe up to date and drop by our pro shop. We carry a variety of clothing items and a complete line of supplements to help you burn fat, increase endurance and build muscle.

PowerFlex Gym Proshop & Health Bar

PowerFlex's Proshop offers a complete line of supplements and apparel.

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